CNN: ‘Finger-Pointing’ from the White House Is a Sign ‘Democrats Are Going To Lose’

Ron Fournier says the anger and blame he’s already hearing from Democrats about the president is “huge”

KING: “Let’s listen to the president. He did a radio interview with Al Sharpton, and Al played it on MSNBC program. The president is talking about how he doesn’t mind that candidates won’t invite him to Iowa and Colorado. He doesn’t mind he says. He is going to turn out the votes and then he wants them back. But listen to what he says about how, I don’t mind them doing this because these are my guys.”
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OBAMA: “The bottom line is, though, these are all folks who vote with me. So yes, this isn’t about my feelings being hurt. These are folks who are strong allies and supporters of me. And you know, I tell them, I said you know what, you do what you need to win. I will be responsible for making sure that our voters turn out.”
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KING: “Now that’s A, a fact. B, does he want to say that publicly? Is that going to end up in ads where Republicans are saying against Kay Hagan or against Mark Udall that they’re with Obama. They’re 99 percent or 96 percent of the time with Obama.”
MARTIN: “I think that sound bite will be on radio ads by today, John. And I think he’s trying to fire up African-American voters who are seeing these Democrats, who are basically out of trash or ignoring the president. He’s trying to say, you can still be for them. The problem is that in the year 2014, that message doesn’t only go to African-American voters, it’s instantly beamed across the world and it’s two weeks out. That’s the kind of message you usually hear two days out on African-American radio. The fact that there’s two weeks left gives the GOP an opportunity to push that out. And the will. ”-- [crosstalk]
FOURNIER: “I agree with everything he’s saying and the clearest indication we have that the Democrats are going to lose is my phone was lighting up yesterday with White House officials blaming Senate candidates and Senate Campaign Committee and Senate Campaign is complaining about the White House, there’s already finger-pointing inside the party.”
KING: “Two weeks to go. A lot of fun to go. We’ll go through these scenarios as we go through it. Jonathan and Ron, thanks for coming in.”


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