Oliver North: Obama ‘Doesn’t Give a Damn’ ISIS Has Taken Anbar, Is Gaining Strength

‘They’re at the gates of Baghdad; they’re coming for us’

NORTH: “Anbar Province, which is the Euphrates River Valley, going all the way from one side of Iraq all the way out to the Syrian border, is now in the hands — except for Haditha Dam, which they will not blow up. They want to control that. It’s a third of electrical power going into Baghdad.”
VAN SUSTEREN: “What do you think President Obama is thinking?”
NORTH: “I don’t think he gives a damn. I think he is hoping that he can hold the lid on this until after this election so it won’t be just another disaster for this administration.”
VAN SUSTEREN: “Let’s say that’s true. Move into December and January, ISIS has shown no indication it’s shrinking or getting weaker. If it is getting stronger and stronger and growing in numbers, what happens?”
NORTH: “Unless we can build a relationship with the Sunnis that we abandoned in Anbar, it is a hopeless cause.”


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