Paul Ryan: We Made a Promise to the Country We Would Rebuild Our Military

‘We can’t keep asking our service members to go above and beyond when we’re leaving them under-prepared and under-equipped to the fight’


RYAN: "First, we made very clear to the country, we made a promise to the country that we would rebuild our military. Years of cuts and years of uncertainty have hallowed out our Armed Forces. You just heard the statistics, they're glaring. Aging equipment, personnel shortages, training lapses, maintenance lapses, all of this has cost us and hurt us. Last year alone, we lost four times as many service members in accidents in training exercises as we did in combat. That is just unacceptable. We can't keep asking our service members to go above and beyond when we are leaving them underprepared and underequipped for the fight. With this week's critical funding bill we will begin to reverse that damage. We will fully fund our national defense at the levels requested by the Pentagon, by Secretary Mattis." 

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