Dershowitz: The President’s 100% Right that There Never Should Have Been the Appointment of Mueller

‘And there was no probable cause that crimes were committed’


DERSHOWITZ: "First of all, the President’s 100 percent right. There never should have been an appointment of special counsel and there was no probable cause at that point to believe that crimes have been committed. I’ve seen no evidence to suggest that crimes have been committed by the President. As I said from day one, there should have been a special investigative commission, nonpartisan appointed by Congress with subpoena power, to look into the role of Russia in trying to influence American elections and to try to do something about preventing it in the future, instead of starting out with finger-pointing and trying to criminalize political differences behind the closed doors of a grand jury. That has gotten us nowhere. The President’s absolutely right. This investigation never should have begun." 

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