Hannity: McCabe Getting Canned Is First Step Towards Draining the Swamp and the Deep State

‘The deep state is now facing their day of reckoning’

HANNITY: "Great show and welcome to “Hannity.” Breaking news and investigative reporting you will not get from the fake news media. Tonight we are following several breaking news stories. The deep state is now facing their day of reckoning. President Trump is calling on disgraced now former FBI director Andrew Mccabe after he got fired for lying to the FBI under oath and sources are saying he could face criminal charges for his actions and we are going to explain why him getting canned is a good first step towards draining the swamp and the deep state in this country. Also there tonight, his old boss, national embarrassment James Comey, also part of the deep state. He’s continuing to put himself in legal jeopardy by tweeting and openly taunting President Trump. Mr. Comey, like we have been saying, you may want to start listening. Do have the right to remain silent. But if you want to keep running your mouth, we do have many questions that the American people want and deserve answers to."

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