White House: An Ebola Travel Ban ‘Could Actually Endanger People More’

‘... by driving them underground’

"I think what the American people want is for their government to do what is going to work. There is no ideology here. The president wants solutions that will work and containing the spread of Ebola, protecting the American people and again, also containing the spread in West Africa. And frankly, the judgment of the professionals who know how to deal with these issues is that if you have a travel ban in place, it drives people underground, and instead of traveling through existing protocols that allows us to screen for Ebola, they seek to evade detection.

And the fact of the matter is what we've been focused on airport is screening. If people are trying to travel from West Africa into the United States, how can we screen them to make sure they are not posing a risk. We believe that a travel ban could actually endanger people more by driving them underground and having people seeking to find ways to enter the United States that are outside the existing travel protocols." 


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