Eli Stokols: Lindsey Graham’s Warning to Trump About Firing Mueller Was ‘Toothless’

‘What has Donald Trump seen Republicans in Congress do to stop him?’’

STOKOLS: "You mentioned Congress not doing quite as well. I would agree with that. the Constitution is a piece of paper. It doesn’t defend itself. And if members of Congress, whether they’re cowardly, whether they’re complicit, whatever the calculation is for them, if they do not decide that the institutions of this democracy actually matter and are worth standing up for, those institutions will continue to be weakened because Donald Trump is surrounding himself right now with a bunch of cable TV hosts, people who are enablers who tell him what he wants to hear. Lindsey Graham saying this will be the beginning of the end of his presidency on TV seemed to me like a guy trying to warn Donald Trump. But it also seemed like sort of a toothless warning. What has Donald Trump seen Republicans in Congress do to stop him? Nothing so far, and I think you mentioned he puts these things out there, he tests as far as he can go. So far he hasn’t gotten much push back."

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