Paul Ryan on ‘Ebola Czar’: ‘He Has No Health Care Experience Whatsoever’

‘I know Ron Klain ... he was in charge of doling out stimulus money and we saw how that worked ... it’s an inside crony type of selection’

“I know who Ron Klain is. He has no health care experience whatsoever. He was in charge of doling out stimulus money and we saw how that worked. So I’m a little puzzled by that that selection. It’s an inside crony type of selection. My bigger concern is just competence of government. Here’s the problem. Generally, Maria, when you grow the government endlessly and spread it so thin, it doesn’t do anything very well. We believe in a limited and effective government so that it does what it’s supposed to do well, and then leaves to the states and the people respectively to do other things.

So I think we should use every reasonable precaution possible to get ahead of Ebola and I think that does include looking at things like travel restrictions, necessary quarantines, so that we use every possible precaution we can think of to make sure that we can contain the spread of this. And right now, there’s a huge lack of confidence in the competence of our government, and I think that is in large part because the president’s failed policies.”


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