Rand Paul: I Wouldn’t Advocate for the Firing of Mueller

‘I think Andrew McCabe did worse than General Flynn, frankly’


PAUL: "I wouldn’t advocate for it, but I would have never advocated for the appointment of a special prosecutor. And people have asked me, should there be one for Mccabe and Peter strzok and Lisa page? And I said, no, because I think what we’ve discovered, first when they went after bill Clinton, now they’ve gone after President Trump, that the prosecutor has too much power to do whatever they want. They’re looking at people’s tax returns from 20 years ago. I really think that the power is so unlimited that it’s worisome for the people on the receiving end. I think general Flynn was treated unfairly. I think Andrew Mccabe did worse than general Flynn, frankly. Andrew Mccabe lied about doing something illegal. He leaked classified documents. General Flynn apparently did not state the truth about something he did that was legal. So you wonder, how are we going to make this fair or just?"

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