MSNBC ‘Anxiety Expert’ Says Too Much Ebola News Can Make People ‘Feel Debilitated’

‘The oversaturation of this kind of news will, I think, blow it out of proportion after a while’

MSNBC "Anxiety Expert" Says Oversaturation Of Ebola News Can Make People "Feel Debilitated" (RealClearPolitics)

TAMRON HALL, MSNBC: There are 7,000 people exposed in West Africa, we don't live in a bubble, this is a global concern. And I do believe right before our coverage heightened, there were a million people asking us why aren't you covering the Ebola outbreak in West Africa? Well we are putting this in as part of the important coverage, so I struggle with understanding some of the anxiety versus the understanding of educating yourself and realizing that those 7,000 lives in West Africa count as well. 

JOHN TSILIMPARIS, "ANXIETY EXPERT": They do. And look again, there has to be a balance, one has to strike a perspective balance because we have responsibilities to take care of: we have to go to work and take care of our families. So yes, it is good to be plugged into the world, but one must really step back, take five minutes understand what evidence you have right now and go on with your life. The oversaturation of this kind of news will, I think, blow it out of proportion after a while. And people can really feel debilitated by it.

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