Ingraham Rips Broward Sheriff Scott Israel: ‘He Comes Off as a Slimy Self-Promoter

‘So much for the buck stopping at the top’


INGRAHAM: "So much for the buck stopping at the top. Israel, I know it sounds tough here, but, he comes off as a slimy self-promoter. And the stories over the years about how he has hired his friends and his family in key positions, reportedly many of them not qualified after he was elect you had. And this is the same guy, by the way, sheriff Israel, who thought it was appropriate to opine on a CNN town hall just a week after the shooting. Supposed to be doing the investigation. He is on TV. Of course, when he was on TV, he did not even mention the failure of Scott Peterson on scene. Look, many of those advocating for gun control post parkland, they want to look away from the errors committed by law enforcement which were numerous and frankly obscene at both the federal and the state level. There is almost no discussion at yesterday’s rallies mentioning Nikolas Cruz’s dangerous behavior was flagged repeatedly to authorities over two years." 

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