The View’s Hostin on Firing McCabe: ‘The Stuff that Dictators Are Made Of!’

Behar: ‘So in other words Jeff Sessions can fire him before he gets his pension?’

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BEHAR: “So in other words Jeff Sessions can fire him before he gets his pension?”
BEHAR: “And then after all the years he started he won’t get his pension. Well Jeff session rescinded DACA, allowing for dreamers to be deported so he’s capable of being cruel that way. So I do not put it past him.”
HOSTIN: “I just think we’ve seen this war on our intelligence community, this war on the FBI. This man is a career agent. He’s not a political appointee so Trump can’t fire him, but what is concerning to me is what is the — we don’t really know what the investigation showed. Some people are saying he lacked candor when he was interviewed about the e-mail and about speaking to reporters so I don’t know what he did or did not do, but I am troubled with this constant attack on our intelligence community.”
BEHAR: “Yeah.”
HOSTIN: “Because that is the stuff that dictators are made of.”
BEHAR: “Right.”
HAINES: “I read into that example a little bit because I was actually torn, the idea of taking away someone’s pension after 21 years who served this country, but the flip side is they haven’t had anyone ever fired but some people have gotten administrative leaves or suspensions for —“
HOSTIN: “A deputy director has never been fired.”
HAINES: “Right. But the difference is those behaviors are outside of your job. If candor means not being forthright about something—“
MCCAIN: “He’s accused of allowing FBI officials to speak to “The Wall Street Journal” reporters about an investigation into the Clinton foundation.”
HAINES: “He revealed something that on his job he vows not to, that could be big.”

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