Parkland’s Hogg: ‘We Are Not Trying To Fight Against’ the 2nd Amendment or Take Your Guns

‘We have guns in my house’

HOGG: "Exactly. And I am one of those families. We have guns in my house. My dad is a retired FBI agent. There are multiple people in the never again movement have guns in their house. We are not trying to take your guns. We are trying to implement sensible gun legislations. Remove guns from those — I have a big announcement about the March. We are going to have four major independent women that are standing up and walking beside us. Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson, Miley Cyrus and demi Lovato. I think that is part of the huge support that we are starting to see. We are seeing young Americans and young adults that are standing up with this. And that is how we are going it see this change."

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