Rep. Meeks: Yes I Want to See More Pro-Life Dems Like Conor Lamb Elected

‘There’s more that Conor Lamb and I have in common’


BERMAN: "Let me ask you about this congressional race, this special election in Pennsylvania, where the Democrat, Conor Lamb, is leading right now. I'm going to ask you about this in a slightly different way. Conor Lamb is against a ban on assault rifles. You know, Conor Lamb is for the president's tariffs. Conor Lamb did not run away from the president. Says he is personally pro-life. Is this the kind of Democrat that you want to see elected?"
MEEKS: "Yes. Look, I was here when we were in the majority and we had a whole lot of blue dogs and new Dems. And that created the kind of conversation that is necessary. And I can tell you what I learned from that and what I'm learning and understand from this election, that there's more that Conor Lamb and I have in common because when you look at rural America and other Americas, other part of America, the rust belt and you look at urban America, like my districts, we both want to make sure that there's people that are concerned -- people are concerned about their tomorrow, their jobs."

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