Vandehei: ‘This Is Donald Trump’s Party Now ... It’s About Being Anti-America, Anti-God’

‘This is Donald Trump’s party now’

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VANDEHEI: "I don’t even know that it’s surprising. We’ve talked about this over and over. This is Donald Trump’s party now. If you look at his message in the final week, it’s not about tax cuts. It about sanctuary cities. It's about being weak on crime. It’s about being anti-America, anti-God. Those things they believe are what will resonate with the people who turned out for Donald Trump that the Republicans need to turn out in this race to be able to hold a seat that they should hold. The President doesn’t like this candidate, the Republicans don’t like this candidate, but it is a seat they should be able to hold. And when you have outside groups pouring $10 million in, basically all the mechanics of the campaign would suggest Republicans would win this and potentially win this easily. So when you feel like you’re not going to, you try to get people motivated and fear is an awesome motivator in politics and it's been a template that worked well for Trump and that we’ve seen not just in this race but other races." 

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