Maxine Waters: I’m Going Keep Saying We Need To Impeach Trump

‘Everybody knows who this bully is’


WATERS: "Well, you know, there is no response. Everybody knows who this bully is. This president has attacked more women, more individuals, name-calling, I mean, look at this. Not only has he talked about senator Warren, called her pocahantas, he called Hillary crooked. He is calling me low iq. He called Rubio little. This is what we expect of him. I just wonder what took him so long. And so since we know who he is, and the fact that he is, you know, calling people names constantly, and talking about the media in the way that he does and calling people sobset cetera, et cetera, I’m not surprised at all. All I know is this. If he thinks he can stop me from talking about impeach 45, he’s got another thought coming. I am not intimidated by him. I’m going keep saying that we need to impeach him. And I am so depending on our special counsel, Robert Mueller, to connect the dots so that he can prove the collusion. And we’ve seen the justice playing out before our very eyes. The this is a dishonorable human being. He is a con man. He came to this job as a con man. I call him don the con man. So that’s who he is. That’s what we expect. And I’m not surprised at all."

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