Rove: Hillary Comments About the White Women ‘Jaw-Droppingly Tone Deaf and Stupid’

‘This is a reminder of why she was such a terrible candidate’


ROVE: "I can’t either, frankly. This is a reminder of why she was such a terrible candidate. Come on. To speak of the deplorable’s and insults, and if you look at the polls, and I’m not a fan of Jim Comey’s, but if you look between that Friday announcement and the election, there is very little change in the polls. And somehow to suggest that white women moved away from her because of the remarks on Friday that were undone on Monday is ridiculous. But women were told so to do so by their husbands or their bosses or their children, and women that voted for her did so out of I don’t know what — it just is jaw-dropping lead tone-deaf. Condescending and stupid."

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