Carpenter: ‘You Have to Wonder if the Country Could Handle Seeing’ Trump-Stormy Daniels Sex Tape

‘We’re talking about an adult film actress, she makes tapes for a living’


CARPENTER: “Well, I’ll glad in touch interview was brought up. Stormy Daniels gave a lot of detail in that interview. She talked about the longstanding relationship with Donald Trump, meeting Roethlisberger, what does she have that could be even more embarrassing. And there’s been talk about texts. We know Donald Trump doesn’t usually communicate with them one-on-one and stormy Daniels speaks herself. So that leads to you wonder, are there photos is this tapes? We’re talking about an adult film actress. She makes tapes for a living. I don’t know if that’s what she has but you have to wonder. And you have to wonder if the country could handle seeing something like that.”


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