Tim Scott: ‘Absolutely, It Is Time for Us To Act Without Any Question’ To Make Our Schools Safer

‘We have bipartisan legislation that would ultimately fix the background system’


SCOTT: "Absolutely. It is time for us to act without any question. We have bipartisan legislation that would ultimately fix the background system almost, we’re looking at the ability to expand the background system, the 'Fix NICS' legislation is a very good starting point for us at a conversation, to get a legislative vehicle on the floor and then we could have open process that allows us to make out schools safer. I had the opportunity to speak with some of the police chiefs down in Florida, as well as South Carolina about what they would like to see. Single point of entry is a very important part of school safety. So there are a lot of conversations that could be a part of the legislative vehicle going forward, and I think we can make sure that our students are safer than they were before of the incident in Parkland."

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