Fox News: Rick Scott Signs Gun Control and School Safety Bill Raising Age for Rifles to 21

‘The bill raises the minimum age to buy rifles from 18 to 21, and it allows some teachers in Florida to carry guns’


KEATING: "Amazing, historic landmark legislation just signed into law minutes ago up in Tallahassee by Republican governor Rick Scott. He gave credit to the students, teachers, and parents from parkland Florida, particularly Stoneman Douglas high school, for the relentless efforts over the past three weeks to get legislative accomplishments completed. That is exactly what happened here. It is the $400 million marjy Stoneman Douglas public safety act. Aside from raising the age to 21 to buy rifles, it creates a three-day waiting period for all gun purchases, it also adds millions of dollars for more school security, bullet resistant windows, strengthen doors, hardening our schools, and allows certain teachers and staff members at schools after they pass 130 hours of gun training to carry concealed guns in the classroom around school property at school. This is something the governor definitely opposed. He said, you know, we all had to give in a little bit. This bill did not have everything Republicans wanted. Did not have everything Democrats wanted. But he’s signing it into law on behalf of the victims specifically from parkland, Florida."

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