Adriana Cohen: Dems Only Care About Protecting Illegals, Can’t Run on Trump Derangement Syndrome

‘Democrats have been obstructionists since President Trump was inaugurated’


COHEN: "But the Democrats have been obstructionists since President Trump was inaugurated. They voted against the tax cuts which is benefiting millions and millions of Americans. They vote against regulatory reform, which is growing the economy. Everything trump does they obstruct. So, Democrats can’t run on, you know, on a trump derangement syndrome. They have to actually stand for something if we look at the economy it’s helping women. It’s helping African-Americans. Unemployment rate at all-time low. You know, our economy can’t get any better at this point. We have the largest workforce participation rate in decades and so, at the end of the day, Americans are going to care about the kitchen table issues which is how much money they can put in their pocket and economy is. They care about protecting criminal illegal aliens."

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