Ed Markey Gives Trump Credit on N. Korea: ‘There Is No Question’ the Tougher Sanctions Helped

‘I do believe toughening sanctions have helped, there is no question about it’


MARKEY: "Well I do believe that toughening sanctions have helped, there is no question about it. I believe that we should make them even tougher. We should be cutting off crude oil, we should be ensuring that there is almost an immediate cut-off of any further repatriation of slave wages that come from around the world and go back into North Korea, but there is no question that toughening sanctions have helped. But now the question is whether or not we can use this as an opportunity to back away from the brink of a nuclear confrontation, and that now requires an all-hands-on-deck approach by the Trump administration, and it would be great if he would begin to signal to his diplomats that he now wants them to play a role in helping to construct an atmosphere that can lead to Kim and Trump ultimately resolving what is an incredible threat, not just to the Asian region but to the entire planet."

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