Fallon: Unlike GOP with Obama During Iran Talks, Dems Will Support Trump on N. Korea

‘Democrats will react to this in good faith’

FALLON: "An offer like this has been on the table for a long time. Yes, the president has ramped up the rhetoric against North Korea but really the teeth of the sanctions which have been a key cog of the Obama years have sunk in. That's being brought to bear here. That's what's bringing Kim Jong-un to the table. I think Democrats should not react to this with pessimism for pessimism's sake. There's a lot of key questions that need to be asked. Democrats will react to this in good faith. President Obama said he would be willing to meet with leaders. The Republicans beat him up for it for eight years. This president, Donald Trump, campaigned on tough rhetoric and called this president week and within a year he's meeting with Kim Jong-un."

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