CNN: Trump ‘Very Unhappy’ with How Huckabee Sanders Handled Stormy Daniels Story

‘This Stormy Daniels saga continues to dog this White House’


BERMAN: "Two big questions dominating at the White House today. Will the President publicly address new claims by an adult film actress this morning and will he follow through on controversial tariffs that perhaps threaten to start a trade war? The first answer we could find out in just minutes when the President gets his first chance to talk to cameras since news that his lawyer got a restraining order against Stormy Daniels. This morning we’re also now learning the President is very unhappy with how his press secretary handled questions about this yesterday. His problem that she might have inadvertently told the truth. As for the latter issue, tariffs, the answer depends on who you ask. It seems not even his aides in the White House are sure if the President plans to impose new tariffs today and if he does, which countries will be affected and perhaps exempted? Let’s start with CNN’s Abby Phillip at the White House with news that the President not particularly happy with how the Stormy Daniels story is unfolding at the hands of the White House."

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