‘The View’ on Stormy Daniels: Could Build Six People from DNA in Oval Office

‘Aren’t we more likely to believe that that is true, given Stormy Daniels’ story and the Playmate’s story?’

The View Takes on Stormy Daniels Lawsuit: Could Build Six People From DNA in Oval Office (Mediaite)

The View spent their Wednesday gossiping over the news that Stormy Daniels is filing a lawsuit against President Trump.

The porn star is taking action against the president because she claims that Trump never signed the nondisclosure agreement over their sexual affair years ago. Michael Cohen previously admitted to paying Daniels off, and Daniels believes that between the Trump lawyer’s public statements and the absence of the president’s signature on the NDA, the gag order should be null and void.

The women of The View talked a great deal about how the act of paying hush money during the 2016 election could have some significant legal ramifications. When they noted that this scandal reflects on Trump’s standard of morality, Whoopi Goldberg remind her fellow panelists that Trump is not the first president guilty of infidelity.

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