Judge Clay Jenkins on New Ebola Patient: ‘Like Nina Pham, This Is a Heroic Person’

‘The fight against Ebola in Dallas is a two-front fight now’

“The fight against Ebola in Dallas is a two-front fight now. We have 48 disease contacts that we focused on in the community that were contacts with Eric Duncan. The god news about those 48 people is they are asymptomatic and have no fever and we are at the tail end of their monitoring period. Sunday will mark the end of that margin period and the chance of those people becoming symptomatic at this point or getting the Ebola virus is extremely remote.

However, at the hospital we have a situation involving 77 people, two of which have tested positive for Ebola. We are preparing contingencies for more and that is a very real possibility. You can imagine the anxiety of the families of these 77 people. You can imagine the gunshot that this is to the family that is Presbyterian Hospital that has done a great job of taking care for this community for many, many years.

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