Podhoretz: Gary Cohn Exit a ‘Good Thing’ Because He Can Explain What’s Going on in the W.H and Why It’s Bad

‘Gary Cohn is a relatively classic and conventional departure saying there was a policy dispute’


PODHORETZ: "This is something more substantial and worse, I would say, than you know, Seb Gorka or Omarosa leaving because you really have here a hinge moment in which the President of the United States has decided to undertake a major economic global macroeconomic shift and the person in his orbit who is the best suited to helping him make this decision has said, 'This is a catastrophe, you cannot do it,' and he’s like, 'I’m doing it anyway. For 30 years I said I wanted tariffs, so I’m going to put tariffs on,' and Cohn said, 'I’ve got to walk.' In some ways people have said for decades one of the problems in the United States is that people in positions of power often don’t walk when their position is overturned by somebody else or — and so I think this is a good thing in the sense that there will now be Gary Cohn on the outside who can maybe explain to us what is going on after he was in the precincts of power and explain why it’s so bad."

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