MSNBC’s Melber Praises Sam Nunberg’s Media Blitz: He ‘Leaked on the Record, Probably Against Self-Interest’

‘Those people leak, anonymously, out of self-interest’

MELBER: "But the legal import of these stories, of Mr. Nunberg and tonight Mr. Stone and soon other witnesses is not the show. It’s not just the will they or won’t they iterative updates. It’s actually a real thing I can tell you for a grand jury probe, it is the disclosures of evidence, of information from primary sources, from people who have actually been in that room in Mueller’s office, or people who are headed there, and Mr. Nunberg isn’t the first to disclose this kind of information or that didn’t have an ax to grind, they come from witnesses leaking anonymously, and that’s how we know what little we know about the probe. Those people leak, anonymously, out of self-interest. These — think about this, nunberg leaked on the record, probably against self-interest."

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