Gutfeld: If N. Korea Was Willing to Talk Under Obama, the Nobel Peace Price Would Have Been Shipped Amazon Prime Next Day

‘They are talking about getting together for the first time in ten years’


GUTFELD: "It’s good to be skeptical. Even if what North Korea said is baloney, it’s new baloney. Skepticism should always be where you are from. What would you rather hear than this? If you are hearing something positive, sure, you would like them to say we are going to end labor camps and go to a free market system. In the spectrum of positive shifts, this is pretty good. And it is new. They are talking about getting together for the first time in ten years. I don’t think they have talked about denuclearization as part of the plan. If this happened under Obama, the Nobel peace prize would’ve been shipped Amazon prime next day delivery. I thought Trump’s response was pretty reserved. It could happen, could not happen. I will take them at their word and see what happens. We all know Bolton is very consistent on this. That’s why he won’t shave that mustache."

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