Swedish Prime Minister on Refugee Crime: ‘It’s Not Like You Have No-Go Zones’

‘There is no space in Sweden for organized crime’

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LÖFVEN: “First, Sweden, we -- we have our share of domestic challenges, no doubt about that. So -- and we inherited a legislation that was not sustainable legislation on migration, which meant that in 2015, we received 153,000 refugees seeking refuge. And bear in mind we’re a country of 10 million inhabitants. That was a lot. Seventy percent of them came from September to December, which meant it was a dramatic increase. We changed the legislation. So now we have decreased the number of refugees entering Sweden and we’re also putting pressure on the other European Union countries to take their share of the responsibility. This is not a responsibility for one, two, three or four countries, it is a shared responsibility. We’re working that within the European Union. So, and we -- we of course, we also have problems with crime, organized crime in Sweden, shootings, but it's not like you have the no-go zones. We -- we have -- we have dealt with it, I'm dealing with it every day, allocating more resources to the police, more policemen trained, more resources to the security police. Tougher law on crime, tougher law on terrorism, supporting terrorism. So we do a lot to combat that."

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