Stewart Rips Pete Sessions for Proposing a Ban on Travel from West Africa

‘Quarantining all of West Africa would probably make the situation worse — which to be fair to Congress is what they’re accustomed to doing’

STEWART: "Congressman Pete Sessions, the Republican from Texas suggests we close Africa's door and hope when it comes out however many weeks later, it feels better. But he makes a valid and heartless point. Why not just stop letting people from Africa fly to here."
GUPTA: "If people can't leave the country by air and people are sick. What are they going to do? They're going to start going into other countries by land. They're going to be harder to trace. Contact trace, which we know is the tried and true way of stemming an outbreak."
[end video]
STEWART: "Oh right. Quarantining all of West Africa would probably make the situation worse. Which to be fair to Congress is what they're accustomed to doing."

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