Steve Daines: Trump’s Tariffs Can Result in Unintended Consequences, Hurting Farmers and Ranchers

‘The losers would be farmers and ranches’


PERINO: "Joining me is Montana Senator Steve Daines. Thanks for being here. I wanted to ask you about an agricultural state, like Montana, when it comes to these NAFTA negotiations. I come from Wyoming, myself, and so I understand well that there’s a lot of exporting that can be done from those types of states. And how are you keeping tabs on what's about to happen on this tariff issue?"
DAINES: "Well it’s a concern, because if a trade war were to escalate, the first people to get hurt are typically farmers and ranchers."
PERINO: "Right."
DAINES: "Agriculture is Montana’s number 1 economic driver. We live in a global economy; 95 percent of the world’s consumers are outside of the United States. And the losers would be farmers and ranches. They feed our nation, they feed the world. And I agree with Senator Portman as we need to take more of a targeted approach, use a scalpel to protect American jobs. But some of these wide spread broad tariffs can result in unintended consequences, and that's hurting the very people that we need to help which are the farmers and the ranchers."

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