Jason Chaffetz on Fast & Furious: Jeff Sessions Has No Backbone and He Needs To Go

‘I’ve been saying for a long time, he needs to go’


CHAFFETZ: "It’s a closed case. The United States Congress has jurisdiction. We’ve been asking for the documents and the Department of Justice is saying no. We think it’s probably embarrassing to them. But that doesn’t mean that we as Congress don’t get to see them and the American people and the family itself doesn’t get to see them. It really is infuriating. It is absolutely a double standard because they will not turn the documents over even in the Trump administration." [crosstalk]
SMITH: "So can the president do anything? Can the president act on this and -- and change that?"
CHAFFETZ: "Sure, absolutely."
SMITH: "Do you think he will?"
CHAFFETZ: "Absolutely. Well he was the constitutionally elected officer. He doesn’t have an arm’s length distance with the Department of Justice. If President Trump wanted to do this it would be done or it should be done. And have you an attorney general with no backbone. I’ve been saying for a long time, he needs to go. He does not get these things done. How is fast and furious still an issue? I mean, they're still in the courts, won’t turn the documents over."

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