Joyce Vance on Mueller Going After Nunberg’s Emails: This Is the Opposite of a Witch Hunt

‘This is on the opposite end of the prosecutor universe from being a witch-hunt’

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VANCE: “This is on the opposite end of the prosecutor universe from being a witch hunt. Getting e-mails, text messages and other communication is the way every competent prosecutor or, as you point out, really every lawyer in any kind of litigation begins to build their case. It’s the paper record, it’s contemporaneous when conduct occurs, so prosecutors like Mueller will generally issue these subpoenas. There’s nothing at all unusual about this subpoena that asks Nunberg to turn over his communications. A lot of the language is boilerplate that you would expect to see used in any kind of a prosecution. Nunberg’s choice of language, though, is real interesting when he talks about going into the grand jury to set up a case as though there’s something wrong going on here. And, again, Nunberg, himself a lawyer, is looking at standard prosecutor practices, good practices that are used every day in this country.”

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