‘Free Beacon’ Montage: 17 Times Al Sharpton Repeated What He Just Heard as a Question

The “PoliticsNation” host on MSNBC has an interesting habit

Al Sharpton Repeats Whatever a Conservative Said In the Form of a Question (Washington Free Beacon)

MSNBC’s Al Sharpton conducts a standard analysis for conservatives and Republicans on his heavily partisan program: Repeat word-for-word whatever clip of them just played on PoliticsNation, but do it in the form of a question.

He does this a lot, apparently to show disdain for whatever he heard without having to go through the effort of coming up with new terminology.

Sharpton once did this to himself. After he read out a statement by Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott that concluded, “It’s time to move beyond this,” Sharpton then said, “It’s time to move beyond this?”

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