Peter Navarro: It’s Up to Gary Cohn Whether He Goes or Stays But I Like Working with the Guy

‘Gary and I get along very well and we agree on more things than we disagree’


TAPPER: "Last question for you. You’ve had major disagreements with the director of the economic counsel Gary Cohn. It’s been reported he’s now mulling resignation after losing this disagreement with you over tariffs. Would you be sad to see Gary Cohn go?"
NAVARRO: "That’s a great question. Look, I was with Gary and the president Thursday afternoon. He was in great spirits. Gary and I get along very well and we agree on more things than we disagree. For example, on deregulation on tax cuts. You may be surprised to know that we are perfectly aligned on the China question. Gary and I basically have very differing opinions. The president loves that. He wants to hear all side of the argument. He’s a valued member of the team and it’s up to Gary whether he goes or stays but I like working with the guy."

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