MSNBC: DoJ Report to Reveal McCabe Allowed FBI Officials to Talk Clinton Email Probe with Media

‘The FBI official position is we never discussed current investigations’


JACKSON: “Let's talk about what's happening in the world of politics, at least back here in Washington, and some new questions today about the F.B.I. deputy director Andrew McCabe. 'The New York Times' is reporting that Justice Department's Inspector General is set to release a report that criticizes him. Why? For letting staffers talk with reporters improperly about a story in 'The Wall Street Journal' back in 2016. Remember, McCabe said he was stepping down at deputy director in late January amid concerns over this coming report, and in the face of repeated Twitter attacks from President Trump. NBC's Pete Williams is joining us now to break down this story. Pete, tell us the highlights of what we need to know and how it relates to that 2016 'Wall Street Journal' piece.”

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