Geraldo: I’ve Never Seen the Homeless Problem ‘More Egregious than It Is Now’ in California

‘It is epidemic’


GERALDO: "I have never, particularly in San Francisco, seen the homeless problem more egregious than it is now. It is epidemic. They have had a very liberal attitude toward the homeless. And as a result, there are tent cities everywhere, under bridges, any place there is a, you know, a park where you can pitch a tent. I think it is really very unsavory in many, many regards. And there are other needs the city has. That comes to your question about the $11 million legal aid fund and the morality of that. Again, I think it will be different strokes for different folks. When you consider how many people in the Bay Area, in California generally, are Hispanic, have many of them have ties to the immigrant population, legal and illegal, it is just a way different place than — I sit in the snows of Ohio, you guys are in Manhattan. California is different. It's far away, it has a different vibe, a different attitude, it goes through a different beat. You will never get people who believe in the strict enforcement of our immigration codes."

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