Steve Cohen Likens Jared Kushner to the Movie ‘The Grifters’ - ‘We Have Grifters Today’

‘There is an influence, and you can buy influence in this White House’


COHEN: "There is an influence and you can buy influence in this white House. That notice has been put out. Manafort took the job running the campaign and said he didn’t want any money. He needed influence and the money he could get from the oligarchs through that influence and I'm sure that was responsible for changing the Republican platform to allow weapons for the Ukrainian government, offensive weapons, and taking that out was something he got paid for. Same thing for Kushner. The salary is chicken feed. It's what you can get out of the job. It's called a grifter. There was a movie made about it, Melanie Griffith, great movie, sad story. We have grifters in the White House today."

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