NBC: Obama Has Been ‘Warned All Along’ that Airstrikes Won’t ‘Degrade and Destroy’ ISIS

‘It will ultimately take troops on the ground’

DÍAZ-BALART: “And turning to a totally different kind of war on another front against a different enemy. ISIS and some developing news we’re just learning about there. The U.S-led coalition striking Syria and Iraq with 23 new air strikes over the weekend. But is this enough, Jim, to save Kobani?”
MIKLASZEWSKI: “U.S. military officials including the chairman of the joint chief of staff General Martin Dempsey have warned all along that air strikes alone will not defeat or even degrade ISIS to the point where anybody can claim any kind of significant progress or victory. It will ultimately take troops on the ground. There have been some 51 air strikes conducted around against ISIS targets around Kobani there on the Turkish border over the last week. But even there the problem is, again, with no boots on the ground so many of those ISIS fighters are inside the city. And it’s impossible to strike them from the air. Because number one, it’s difficult to find them. Two, they may be mingled among innocent civilians. Not only the Kurdish fighters but among civilian population. That’s one of the aggravating factors or frustrating factors to the U.S. military in attempting to curve the ISIS advance on Kobani.”


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