MSNBC Panel: That Wendy Davis Ad Really Was in Poor Taste

‘She should have given more thought, I think, to the reputation she had, even if she was going to lose by 18 points or whatever it is’

Even MSNBC Won’t Support Controversial Wendy Davis Wheelchair Ad (NewsBusters)

Last week, Wendy Davis, the Democratic Party candidate for governor of Texas, aired a controversial ad attacking her opponent, Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott, depicting him as an empty wheelchair who had turned his back on disabled people in Texas.  Despite MSNBC doing everything it could to promote Ms. Davis, her latest attack ad appeared indefensible for the “Lean Forward” network.

On Sunday morning, an entire panel on Up w/ Steve Kornacki condemned the Davis ad, with liberal columnist Michael Tomasky declaring “this makes liberals squirm in their chairs.” 

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