Schumer: GOP Needs to Learn They Can’t Please the NRA and Solve Gun Violence Problem

‘We hope... that our republican colleagues will buck the NRA and do the right thing’


SCHUMER: "We should not design a bill for one particular problem, but we should design a bill that will help reduce the chances of all future gun shootings. And that means dealing with all of the loopholes that we have talked about. We Democrats at a minimum believe we should be passing a universal background check legislation that assures that guns don't fall into the wrong hands; 90 percent of the American people are with us, the kids from Parkland are with us. We Democrats have a number of other proposals that ought to be debated and voted in the Senate. Rather than just passing one narrow bill and moving on we Democrats intend to push our Republican colleagues to have a real debate on gun safety and pass meaningful measures that will address the wide range of problems that have led to an epidemic, an epidemic of mass shootings in our country. We hope for the sake of millions of the kids who attend school every day that our Republican colleagues will buck the NRA and do the right thing. You can't solve this problem and please the NRA, and our Republican colleagues have to learn that. The American people already have. And the kids at Parkland already have."

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