GOP Rep. Leonard Lance: Bump Stocks Should Be Banned

‘I think we should bring all into the conversation including the NRA’


HILL: "In terms of doing more, the president said yesterday that shouldn’t be afraid of the NRA. He said sometimes you have to be willing to fight with the NRA. You have an A-rating but you’re pushing for a discussion about stronger background checks as we know, with Speaker Ryan, you are also talking about getting the federal research back, that could be tussling with the NRA. Are you willing to take on that fight?"
LANCE: "Yes. I view this issue by issue. And I think we should bring all into the conversation including the NRA. I don’t want to demonize anybody, but where I disagree with any group, I will support the views that I think are important for the American people, that includes bump stocks. I think that they should be banned. It includes fix NICS. And it certainly includes making sure that the federal government can study this issue and as you know that has not happened for a very long time."

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