Maxine Waters: Trump Is Crazy Like Kim Jong ‘Umm,’ Must Be Impeached

‘Impeach 45’

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Rep. Maxine Waters tried to work in a dig at President Trump during a speech Saturday in San Diego, comparing his to Kim Jong Un, but ended up forgetting the name of North Korea's leader.

“I said he should be impeached and they said, ‘Don’t use that word, don’t say anything about impeachment," Waters said during a speech at the California's Democratic Party's annual convention in San Diego. "'The Republicans will only use it against us.'"

"I say it is time to get ready for impeachment," Waters said to roaring applause. “I cannot wait and I’m counting on special counsel Mueller to connect the dots.”

Waters then attempted to draw a comparison with America's president and the dictator of North Korea. 

"‘My gun is bigger than your gun. My rocket is more powerful than your rocket,’ and on and on and on," Waters said, summarizing the barbs exchanged between the heads of state. "All I see is two heads of state, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-umm, both who have questionable agendas and questionable mental health.”

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