McCain: Obama Is Now Doing what Lindsey Graham and I Begged Him To Do for Years

‘Believe me, there will be boots on the ground in Syria too, because there’s no other way to fight it’

"Everything that Senator Graham and I were arguing for the last couple of years -- what they are now doing. And believe me, there will be boots on the ground in Syria too, because there's no other way to fight it. But I think the other problem too is that he [Obama] needs to -- and it's never too late -- he doesn't deal with Congress. Both Republicans and Democrats -- many Democrat colleagues of mine in the Senate have said they have no contact whatsoever with President Obama and the White House.

And that may be an exaggeration, but you know, we were talking earlier about Bill Clinton's communicative skills; Ronald Reagan, even George W. Bush and others - they maintained contact. The best, of course, was Reagan -- again the Reagan-O’Neill relationship. But there's got to be more of that working.

If we take -- if we, Republicans, take the majority in the Senate, what I hope that will trigger in the president is a need to outreach and start working with us because obviously unless there is some coordination and cooperation, we just have two more years of deadlock. And the American people deserve better than that."


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