Lanza: ‘The President Has Made It a Priority To Do Something on This Issue’ of Guns

‘And I think you see some activism going on on the president on this issue’

LANZA: "You know, I would say if you look at the president his entire life he’s always been his own man. You know, people are going to buy into what his mission is. So it’s (ph) glad that the NRA has been a supporter in the past. I’m sure they’re going to continue to be because their overall views align with a lot of things. But the president has made it a priority do something on this issue. He has released — he has released some suggestions, those suggestions have now been incorporated by Governor Scott in Florida. And I think you see some activism going on on the president on this issue. It’s a horrific issue. These kids — you can’t explain what these kids are going to suffer going forward and the effects. And I think when you look at kids, you know, sort of suffering, when you look at the kids that were gassed in Syria, the president has this reaction that sort of resets a lot of things for him. We do have an opportunity to sort to move the age limit up to 21. He has to make the argument, he’s sort of leaning in, something that a previous Republican president has never done. I think that’s a good step."

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