Maxine Waters: ‘Crazy Idea,’ ‘Ridiculous’ that Trump Wants to Arm Teachers

‘The President simply does not know what he’s talking about’


WATERS: "There is no substance in that tweet. That’s a crazy idea. Teachers do not want to be armed. They did not go to college and train to be educators to be told that they should be armed. To do what? Where will these guns be kept? Who will be doing the shooting? Who about distinguish who is responsible for violence, et cetera, et cetera? We have teachers who have come on television and who have expressed their dislike for this kind of talk. And this kind of policy. The president simply does not know what he’s talking about. He’s coming off the top of his head, making up public policy on the spur of the moment, making up policy that has no investigation, no research. It is ridiculous and we should not do that. And I don’t think that the Congress of the United States, including Republicans, are going to support that idea."

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