Lila Rose: Planned Parenthood Out of Touch with Americans, They’re Desperate, They Know Their Funding Is at Stake

‘They know the Department of Justice is investigating them for selling of baby body parts and FBI doing that as well’


ROSE: "It’s a big change. Two thirds of Americans over two thirds of Americans, according to Gallup polling want restrictions on abortions. And some of them want restrictions in the second to third trimester. They want waiting periods. They want different forms of ensuring that women have other options. This is really showing that Planned Parenthood is not in touch with where the country is. It’s also very trouble toggle see how this plays out. So, for example, in Ohio, right now Planned Parenthood is challenging a law that would protect down syndrome babies from being particularly targeted in the womb for abortion. They are suing the health department in Ohio because they want to be able to abort because of down syndrome or other prenatal diagnoses. What this is really say something we don’t value disabled children in the womb. But the rest of the country differs on that. Our country increasingly values disabled children. Little Gerber baby was a down sin drowm baby and named Gerber baby 2018. Goes to show planned Parenthood is not in touch with what people — they are desperate. They know taxpayer fund something at stake. Half a billion dollars a year. They know the president and both the house and many in the Senate have said they would stop funding planned Parenthood. They know the department of justice has investigating them for selling of baby body parts and FBI doing that as well. They are very concerned. They are trying to, this is ultimately a feeble attempt to push back to try to say put their stake in the ground, but, again, I think it’s not going to go over well and this is going to raise up more people to oppose them than support them. "

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