Fox News: Fmr. Trump Deputy Campaign Manager Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy and Lying Charges

‘Gates pleading guilty to conspiring against the United States one count and also one count of lying to the feds’


MacCALLUM: "President Trump’s former campaign manager cutting a deal today with special counsel Robert Mueller. Gates pleading guilty to conspiring against the United States one count and also one count of lying to the feds. Now the big question is who or what is Gates going to give up in return for that? Chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge was at court earlier today and has “The story.” 
HERRIDGE: "Martha, I was inside the courtroom this afternoon when Rick Gates pled guilty to the two felonies. He seemed remarkably calm throughout until the final minutes when he entered the guilty plea and sealed his fate with special counsel. He pleaded guilty conspiracy against the United States which is charges including bank and tax fraud, hiding income from the U.S. And failing to register for work on behalf of a pro-Russian party in the Ukraine. The offenses span 2006 through 2014. And did not overlap with the Trump campaign. On the second count making a false statement to the FBI, Gates told investigators that a March 2013 meeting between a member of Congress and his boss former trump campaign chairman Paul man forth did not include the topic of the Ukraine Gates didn’t know because he wasn’t there man Ford hit with more charges today relating to lobbying work on behalf of Ukraine said in a statement, quote: I had hopes and expected my business colleague would have had the strength to continue to battle to prove our innocence."

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