Carville on Whether He Likes Obama: ‘I Don’t Think He Cares What I Think’

‘I don’t think he cares what I think but most things I think he’s done better than not’

Carville on Whether He Likes Obama: ‘I Don’t Think He Cares What I Think’ (RealClearPolitics)

BOLLING: "James, you're probably the best person to ask this question. A lot of people talk about the divide, the rift between the Obamas and the Clintons. It's real, isn't it?"
CARVILLE: "Well, I mean, first of all, let me start out and say politics is a highly competitive thing. I mean, President Obama made her Secretary of State. I don't know if, you know, there's exactly a rift here. But they're two different people with two different style and I think it would be absurd to deny that."
BOLLING: "Okay, so not deniable. So you have two different styles. But will that jeopardize the Democratic party coming up in '14 and 2016 for that matter? If you're an Obama democrat, you're not necessarily a Hillary Democrat."
CARVILLE: "You know, in the Democrat party, as you refer to it, or the Democratic party as I refer to it, both the president and Hillary Clinton were very popular, are very popular through the 2008 primaries. And I don't, you know, famously you have, always have some friction or certainly friction between President Bush and Vice President Cheney by the time they left office. I think it's hard to deny they [have] different styles and are different people, but both of them are very popular people within the party itself."
BOLLING: "Do you like President Obama?"
CARVILLE: "I've met him a few times. He's personable. But I am obviously closer with the Clintons, I worship President Clinton. But you would expect me to say that because I know him very well. He's a good friend of mine."
BOLLING: "Do you like President Obama as a president?"
CARVILLE: "You know, some things I like him pretty good. If I look at some things like deficit reduction, health care, job creation, you've got to say I like him pretty good. I don't think he's -- I think he's making a bad decision arming the "good" Syrian rebels. I think we've thrown $500 million down the drain, but I hope I'm proven wrong. I'd like to be proven wrong on that. You know, nobody -- I don't think he cares what I think but most things I think he's done better than not."

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